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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

To grow, prosper and remain sustainable we must embrace change and transformation. Change requires flexibility, leadership, courage and an open culture. Transformation demands candour, trust and collaboration as we engage with many different stakeholders to find the best solutions. Above all, sustainability requires shared commitment, clear intent and a solid plan of action.

By building state of the art and robust infrastructure, investing in people & information technology and being cognisant of corporate social responsibilities (CSR), PND is striving hard to transform its operations, reduce environmental impact, ensure long term financial health, give back to the community and contribute in country’s economy.

I would like to share some lessons of my life as follows;

  • We should be lifelong students and develop learning attitude, if we are happy with the knowledge we have then we are actually going to lag behind in this extremely competitive and ever changing world. So please remain lifelong students and don’t lose curiosity.

  • Please be passionate about your work, whatever you do, through your head, heart and hands into it. Please look at your job not as a job rather as a challenge and passion, then you would’t care about the hours and hardships because everything you do will become a joy.

  • The third and the most important one is, please help others. Greatness comes not from a position but helping build a future. All of us in position have an obligation to pull others up and support younger ones and deserving persons around us.

  • Passion, Competence, Team Work and Integrity are four fundamental attributes of successful persons but in absence of last one (Integrity) other three are useless.

Khawaja Salahuddin
PND Group


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