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Eff Dee Water Company (Eff Dee)

Eff Dee Water Company (Eff Dee)

Since 2000

In 2000 Nestle Pakistan Limited embarked on the venture of drinking water bottled in 5 and 3 Gallon size to be delivered at the doorsteps of customers (Homes and offices) for the first time in Pakistan. This was a novel and testing idea. It required high level commitment and expertise in the field of distribution services. For the successful execution of this daunting task, Nestle selected a company called ‘Eff Dee Water Company’ from PND group from hundreds of distributors and selected the Lahore City for launch of bottled water named as “Nestle Pure Life”.

In the initial phases of operations, Eff Dee served only a handful of customers but due to utmost dedication and consistent efforts of Mr. Asad Wattoo (Managing Partner), it has now reached the scale where Eff Dee is serving thousands of customers in the city of Lahore.

In 2007, Nestle revamped the business model in Pakistan and Water was classified as a separate business unit. Through this change, the retail franchise of Nestle Pure Life (PET) was detached from the other liquid franchisees and separate franchisees were appointed. Recognizing the industrious efforts, Nestle awarded half of Lahore to Eff Dee in 2007 which was succeeded by the rest half of Lahore in 2008.


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